Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blindfolded Cum Slut

Haven't been able to see M since.. I can't even remember anymore. Although we texted each other to stay in touch, I really want to have his beautiful cock in me again.

It doesn't seem it'd happen anytime soon, so I tried my luck on Craigslist again. Nothing specific on my ad; just looking for hairy GWM. In all the inquiries, this guy named G stands out. I felt comfortable enough to give him my cell phone number and exchanged quite a bit text messages. 

"Do you like to get sucked?"
"Good squirter?"
"How do you want me?"

"Do you want me blindfolded?" was the last question before I headed over.

"Sure" I replied, thinking he just wanted to play.

He told me which buzz to press and the door to his apartment will be unlocked. I went in, he was on his knees, totally naked with a pre-cum dripping hard-on, wearing just the blindfold.

I snapped a few pics before I approached him and let loose my pants. His hungry mouth, opened wide, clearly was waiting for my cock.

He did a nice job blowing my cock. He took my cock down his throat several times. His own cock was stiff and only gently touched himself once in a while. He brushed my hand away when felt my hand attempting to stroke him. Okay, then. Message received. At that point it's clear to me that he wanted to be a what some call "blindfolded cum slut".

I snapped a few more pics while he was going down on me. Then I tried to get him lie on top of me so I could feel his hairy chest and apparently he didn't want that either. I gave him a kiss and pushed his head down and let him finish his job.

"Where do you want it?" I was getting close.

"Wherever you want. You are the boss.."

"I want you to swallow it.."

He nodded. Within a few minutes, he got what he'd been craving for - my 3 days load..

I was spent and he could hear it. I removed myself from him and he stayed on his knees, in the puppy position.

"Don't move until you hear the door close." I said, as coldly as I could pretend.

He nodded. And then I was on my way out.

So I wanted to find a hairy fucked but got myself a cum slave. The clues were all there and I should've known..

Monday, July 28, 2014

Slowly Phasing Out While Continue Bottoming

As a Fleetwood Mac's song goes: Players only love you when they are playing.

E has not responded my text from yesterday. I wonder if I would ever hear from him again. E has the beard and hairy body that I find extremely sexy. My cock gets hard just by touching his hairy chest. In the multiple times we slept together, he always sucked my cock to edge me to the limit before he jerked me off.

"I want to..." That's what he said to me when I asked him why he wants to suck me.

I  find that strange because he does not let me suck him. He said it's messy and yucky.  "Yucky?" I wondered in my mind but didn't think further. I did consider the possibility that he might be carry diseases or even HIV+. But since all we did was kissing, dry fucking and jerking each other off, I didn't think anything bad could happen.  I do (did?) enjoy kissing him. He even said that he had never kissed anybody like we did.  I found that hard to believe and yet I was foolish enough to take his word.

From the very beginning I've always had this feeling that he's a player. He never fucked me. Although one time when he tried to finger me and realized that I was really tight, he said, "I'm gonna hurt you.." hinting that his cock is quite big. Well, he never got to fuck me and I somehow knew that was never gonna happen anyway.

He texted me sexy, luring messages alone with shirtless selfie and pics of himself in underpants. For a while he even seemed smitten with me. And all of a sudden he vanished and appeared to loose interest totally.

I'm certainly not going to "beg" him to answer me. I think I'd just let it go. If one day he resurfaced, I'd take a deep breath and decide what I should do. He might still be able to charm me back to his hairy arms, I would know better that he is just a player.

Besides, I still have my fuck buddy M, who to my surprise sent me a picture of his impressive manhood last week. Unfortunately I was on my way to the city and couldn't meet him on his day off. It's been more than a month since I last saw him. I need his hard stiff cock deep inside me. I want to kiss him, taste him, ride him like there's no tomorrow.  M knows his tool and knows how to use it well. He kisses me, teases me, rims me and is patient to open up my tight hole with his wet hungry tongue. He knows it when I'm ready. He will then force his big cock, knowing that I'd enjoy the pain, slowly down my hole. He will change positions, penetrate me deeper and deeper, with gentle touches caressing my sweaty body. He will increase his speed, his stiff cock thrusts in and out of me, ancollapses on top of me when he dump his hot juice inside me. Sometimes after he recovers a bit, he'd tell me to jerk myself off on top of his with his cock still rock hard in my ass. "Good boy, JJ. Good boy.." he'd say.

I know that one day M will also be unavailable. He might be involved in a steady relationship. He might move away or I might move away, etc. All good things come to and an. But meanwhile, I'll let him fuck me. I want him to fuck me. I want as many hot loads of his as I can get. Did I ever mention that he is a hairy Italian? Come to think of it, why would I need E if I still have M? For varieties I suppose..

Oh, and there's a hairy daddy who wants to give me a massage this coming Friday. Let's see how that goes..

But seriously, I'm at the point that I believe it's time to slow down and stop it all one day. I have a partner who loves me, who adores me and never intentionally hurts me. I should be grateful to have him in my life and be loyal to him. There's just too many players out there who will only think of you when they want to play. I've always tried to maintain certain regular, decent, friendship-like relationships with the men I meet. Somehow it's usually not what they are looking for. Over the years my skin has thicken. But finding out that these men basically don't want to have anything to do with me other than having sex still makes me feeling hurt.  And yet I keep giving myself these self inflicted wounds.

I know that day will come eventually. Hopefully before my double life got exposed. Hopefully before my partner found out that I've been cheating on him for so long. Hopefully before I contracted any disease. Hopefully before it's all too late and there's no return.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

M, My Fuck Buddy or Maybe More

 "I'm yours.." I said to him.

M was on top of me, his cock thrusting in and out slowly. He never forgets to kiss me whenever there's a chance. I like him for that. He's not just fucking me; he is making love with me.

Before he penetrated me, he sucked and licked my cock and balls. His goatee rubbed again my sensitive skin when he rimmed my ass. It always made me moan. Tonight he face-fucked me again and I managed to take his long hard cock down my throat. I lied on my back with my head on the edge of the bed. He stood right above my head with his stiff cock hanging a few inches from my mouth. I knew what he wanted and I opened my mouth and let his pre-cum dripping cock enter my warm mouth. I took it in as deep as I could. I could taste his salty pre-cum. He moved my hands to his nipples. I squeezed them hard as he forced his cock deeper in my throat. He leaned forward and started to suck my cock, which at the same time his cock gagged me and stayed in my throat. It was the deepest I have ever had a cock down my throat. Even though it gagged me and I couldn't breath, I loved the experience. I wish M will do that more often and longer..

M entered me from behind as I was on my all four. He fucked me slowly to start and gave me time to get used to his massive manhood. I loved how he tried to kiss me every chance he could get. He laid his hairy chest on my bare back and kissed my left cheek. I turned my face, our mouth met and we kissed.. With his hard cock in my ass, his kiss made me even more horny.

Tonight M tried a new technic with me by placing a pillow under my lower back. He was on his knees and I was on my back with my butt mounted to his crotch. His cock penetrated me even deeper in this position. My hands were exploring, touching his solid body. I caressed his hairy stomach and sometimes I held his ass and pulled his body closer to mine. I wanted his rock hard cock deep inside me for as long as possible.

"You are beautiful, J.." he looked into my eyes while his cock moving in and out of my tight ass.

"I'm yours.." I said to him. And I meant it. He can have me whenever he desires..

"Thank you.." he replied with a touch of proud smile on his face.
He removed my socks, held my feet in his hands. He looked at me briefly as if to get my permission. I didn't reject, he proceed to put my toe into his mouth. His cock stiffened more in my ass. I never understood how it could turn certain people on, but in that moment I actually felt the connection..

There's nowhere else I'd want him to cum. When his breath became short, his face started to harden, I knew I soon would have his cum. He let out a long breath when he dumped his load in me. I was content and grateful that I met him.

He once said to me, "never knew you could have this so close to home, did you?"

I answered with a smile, only wishing I'd had met him earlier.. Much much earlier..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keep getting fucked or not?

Your opinion appreciated:

I’ve been seeing this hairy fuck buddy for 5, 6 times in the past three months. At first he would contact me on his own. But recently it’s always I that had to get in touch first and we would fuck at his place. We always had a great time. He loves fucking me and he breeds me every time. He is always very passionate, very oral, very dominant in bed.

Here is something that bothers me: when I email him or text him for reasons other than hooking up, he usually doesn’t respond. (I know he has a boyfriend.) I feel I’m always the one asking to meet..

Should I keep contacting him when I need to get bred or should I start looking for somebody else?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

First dream in 2014

Woke up in the bedroom on the first day of 2014 with a hard on.

I was dreaming and still remember vividly. Couldn't really tell who this man was. All I know could see was his scruffy face. We meet coincidently at a place that appeared to be like CVS or Duane Reade. The moment we looked straight into each others' eyes, we kissed as if we haven't seen each other for years.  Didn't care the look and stare from surrounding people, we kissed, sucked on each other's lips and tongue, my hands held, touched, explored his upper body.

Suddenly he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to the floor. I wasn't wearing underpants and my cock was already pointing and dripping pre-cum. He went down on me and I simply moaned. People were now gathering and watching us. But we didn't seem to pay any attention. He sucked and licked my cock and balls and it edged me to exploding point. I didn't want to cum so fast, so I pulled him up and kissed him some more before I took off this t-shirt.

Next thing I know we were totally naked, lying on the floor on the aisle with our bodies wrapped around each others.  I had this craving for the taste of his mushroom-headed cock. I moved slowly down, kissed and licked this face, his neck, his hairy chest, bite a little on his left nipple, down the happy trail and finally had his cock in my mouth. He seemed to understand what I wanted and got up to sit on my chest before he put this cock back in my mouth. I looked into his eyes most of the time while I was sucking and tasting his manhood. I cupped his firm ass with my hands, pushing his stiff cock further, deeper into my throat..

I kept staring into his eyes and watching him enjoying the moment. Finally he saw the twinkle in my eyes and realized my desire. He smiled, trap my hair telling me to continue. Not too long after, he let out a breath, his body harden a little, and I felt his hot load landed at the back of my tongue. I kept swallowing, sucking all that I could get from his fat, tasty cock..

I woke up with that image in my head, my cock was so hard that it was almost hurting..

So what does it all mean that I had such a dream on the very first day of 2014?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Raped (Be Careful What You Wish For)

With recent attempt meeting with a real master to no avail, I placed an ad on craigslist again. But this time, I just want to get fucked. I spelled it out that I was looking for hairy daddy to come over and screw me.

Within 10 minutes, I got a few responses but none seemed to click. Almost an hour had passed, just when I was about to give up, one more email arrived with an picture of a bearded, good looking man with chest hair coming out of his polo shirt. I got hard instantly and eagerly replied his message.

15, 20 minutes later, my doorbell rang. I hadn't done this for quite some time now so I was actually a little nervous. I stood behind the door, thought for a few seconds, finally decided to go ahead and opened the door. The moment I opened the door and saw his face, I sensed something was about to go wrong. He was quite handsome to my taste, that's no doubt about it. But he had this smirk on his face that made me feel uneasy. Only when he walked into the house, I realized he was not alone. Two other men pushed their way in and grabbed me inside my house.

"Don't fight unless you want us to trash your house. You'd have a lot to explain when your 'family' came home later.." he smirked again.

I was in total shock and nothing could come out of my mouth. These three men were in their late 30s to mid 40s. The bearded man came closer to me and started to undress me.

"You said you want a good fuck. We are here to make your wish come true.." he inserted his hands into the back of my pants and grabbed my ass real hard.

I stood naked and helplessly before him while he took off his own clothes.  Even in that circumstances, my body still reacted to his fur-covered body. I felt ashamed and confused. I didn't know what to do.

They took turns and got undressed. One guy's cock was already hard and dripping precum. He saw that I noticed it and told me to get down on him. I tried to refuse, telling them I'd let them do anything but I don't want to suck cocks. He force-opened my mouth anyway and stuff his hard cock in. I gagged instantly and the foul taste disgusted me. My tears were running from gagging and I was now really scared.  The other guy stroked his cock a few times and told me to suck his as well, and I did. This other guy's cock head was pierced and for one second I didn't now how to deal with it. I felt sick but they didn't care and kept pushing their cocks down my throat.

Till this point, the bearded man had only been watching me giving blowjob to the two other guys. It seemed to excite him and his cock stiffen without any touching even from himself. He approached me, lifted my ass and I knew what's coming.

"Please use condom! Please!" I begged.

"I've seen your ads a few times and I know you like it raw.." the bearded man said coldly. "You got any lube?"

I shaked my head reluntantly. It was true that I didn't have lube at home.

"Well, we'll fuck you either way.."

He wetted my hole with his spit and put his finger inside my ass to make way for the real thing.

"You're really tight, aren't ya?" forcing two fingers into my hole.

I moaned more from the pain, but my cock got hard anyhow.  One guy started stroking me, perhaps was trying to distract me. The bearded men replaced his fingers with his long waiting hard cock and started to pound my ass. 

I cried out. But it didn't stop him. He just kept fucking me like he hadn't fucked for too long and he wanted it no matter what. One guy told me to put his cock in my mouth and all I could do was to do it. Without warning, this guy shot his load in my mouth. I turned my head to get his cock out of my mouth and spitted out his cum. He slapped my face and told me to keep sucking him.

Meanwhile, the bearded man was still screwing my ass, smacked my ass now and then. Once in a while he'd pulled out his cock and spit on it before inserting it back inside me. He was all sweaty and soon I noticed his breathing got heavy.

"I'm gonna cum.. You want my load , don't you boy?"

"Don't you, boy?" he grabbed my hair and said again with a louder voice.

I was tearing up, not sure any more if it was from gagging or from fear.

The bearded man smacked my ass a few more times, moaned aloud and pounded hard a few more times before he dumbed his load deep in me. He pulled out his cock after every single drop of his cum was inside me, he walked to my face, gestured his buddy to step aside and told me to suck his cock clean which was in my ass a moment ago.

"Suck it!" he yelled when he saw my hesitation.

I obeyed and put his cock in my mouth. It was like I was eating my own ass..

His other buddy saw his chance and started to massage my asshole.  His cock was not bigger than the bearded man's, but it was much fatter.  Fear came to my mind, knowing that would be next. My ass was already sored and I had real hard time to take his fat cock in.  Suddenly the other guy started pinching and squeezing my nipples, it stimulated me and before I knew it, the fat cock was inside me. He took his time fucking me, touching my back with the tip of his fingers.

The bearded man's cock came back to a full hard on and it was gagging me. I tried to resist but he put his hands behind my head to keep his cock in my mouth.  He started to face fucking me and the rhythm got faster each time. His buddy who was pounding me started to speed up as if to compete with him. Suddenly I thought: this is not happening. I'm being fucked from both end at the same time.  I've always dreamt about it but never would have thought about doing it for real.

"Swallow my cum, boy, or you'll pay for it!"

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming...  Oooohhh.. Fuck!!!" he shot his second load and this time in my mouth.

His fucking buddy pulled out his cock from my sored asshole and stood beside him. The bearded man padded on his buddy's back once he caught his breath and walked away. Now this guy who was fucking me gave his cock a few strokes and stuffed it into my mouth. I knew it was no use to resist so I sucked him and swallowed his cum, too.

I was on my all four, naked and shivering.  My throat was hurting and my ass was like burning. One of the guys commanded me not to get up until they were dressed and out the door.  I had no choice but follow the command and wait.

I was still on the floor, paralyzed for several minutes even after they were gone. Then I found drops of blood on the floor along with spits and cum. I went to the bathroom to clean my ass and found more blood.. My asshole hurt just to the touch.

I'd been raped. And I could not and cannot tell anybody. I took HIV test and just got the result yesterday. I'm HIV-.

I've decided that I will never fool around again. When I look back, I could have lost everything that I really care about.  I was raped. But I'm grateful that I'm still healthy and still have my family.

This is the final entry, I think.

Wish me well. And be safe no matter what you do. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Favorite Position

This has always been my favorite position. Daddy H loves to fuck me this way, long and slow..  Master Danny, on the other hand, loves to pound me hard no matter how loud I scream..